Jose Chameleone’s Call to God in Nzigulira

Jose Chameleone

10th June, a Monday, as everyone began their daily routines, legendary Jose Chameleone, was preparing to strike with a brand new gospel song, “Nzigulira” (a Luganda translation for “Open for me, LORD”), accompanied by a striking music video.

The last time Jose Chameleone released a song of this kind was in 2013 with “Tubonge.” Similarly, “Nzigulira” carries a profound message, arriving at a perfect time when both the wealthy and those yearning for wealth are struggling to find true peace and fulfillment amidst their challenges. It seems Chameleone has a knack for releasing music that speaks to the current climate.

The song’s message is a call to God, as stated in the YouTube video description: “Let’s go to Church.” “Nzigulira” clearly conveys the reflection of a man who has experienced the highs and lows of life, ultimately realizing that true victory and peace come from a connection with God. The song serves as a powerful reminder to seek solace in prayer.

Despite being a gospel song, “Nzigulira” also showcases Chameleone’s undeniable star power. Many believe it has the potential to be one of Uganda’s most impactful songs in recent memory.

Produced by Paddyman at Audio One, the song features a well-made and classic music video directed by Jahlive Studios. The video takes a unique approach, using a one-character concept that depicts Chameleone as a king in two distinct settings. In one scene, he’s clad in a striking red Roman soldier’s attire (styled by Roni Guns) and reads holy books surrounded by golden treasures and regal relics. The other scene shows him, still in the red attire, wielding a sword as if preparing for battle amidst pouring rain.

As a longtime fan who grew up listening to Jose Chameleone, I have no doubt that “Nzigulira” adds to his many great hits. This song has the potential to become a timeless classic. Meleone!!!


Watch; Jose Chameleone – Nzigulira (Official Music Video)

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2 thoughts on “Jose Chameleone’s Call to God in Nzigulira”

  1. Great Lyrics indeed. It’s nice when Ugandans decide to drop meaningful and impactful music every now and then…it restores hope for our music industry 💪

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