Insider Tips on Finding a Good Rental House in Kampala

Renting is an integral part of life for most people living in Kampala and its outskirts, statistics estimate that 71% of households rent their homes. As a result, many residents are either constantly entering or planning to enter the rental market.
Finding a good rental house in Uganda can be quite challenging; everyone seems to have a negative story to tell. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Drawing from the experiences of those who have successfully navigated this process, we’ve written this account to guide you on how to find a suitable house in Kampala, ensuring a peaceful living environment regardless of your budget.

Way to your choice house
Finding a good house for rent in Kampala or its outskirts is easier with a good understanding of the process. Start by asking your peers about their experiences in finding a house, who they dealt with, and which house agents they recommend. By asking around, you can get recommendations for reliable brokers. For example, consider the distance between Ntinda and Muyenga if you’re planning a move. Since they’re far apart, to avoid being scammed, ask friends or acquaintances who have rented in Muyenga for recommendations. It’s wise to engage two or more brokers as they tend to be busy; having multiple contacts ensures you have options if one is unavailable.

Once you have the broker’s contact information, call them to arrange a meeting and discuss their charges, the number of rental options you’ll be allowed to inspect, and their transportation method. Be patient and give them enough time to find properties that match your criteria. It’s to your benefit that you don’t rush the process.

When you meet with the broker, preferably in a public place, ensure you have enough cash for the day and some extra in case of unexpected expenses, but not the rent money. You need to be willing to pay the broker; for individual brokers, pay half the agreed price upfront and the remaining half after finding a suitable house. You may also need to cover their fuel expenses. Brokers stationed at their offices usually ask for the full price upfront… uhmm.

Broker charges vary based on geographical location and rent class. For instance, brokers may charge up to 22% of the monthly rent for properties below 350,000 UGX, around 77,000 UGX. For properties with rent above 500,000 UGX, they may charge 18-16%, and for those above 1.02 million UGX, 13-15%, referencing areas like Munyonyo, Kansanga, Kira, and Kajjansi.

Clear your schedule for the house hunting day, as it can take a whole day. Ideally, you’ll find a place on the same day.

Reading signs…
The agent should be familiar with the people at each house you visit emphasis on the vice versa. Trust your instincts—if something feels off, politely decline and move on. Otherwise, thoroughly inspect the house, checking door locks, network connectivity, accessibility, and other essential aspects.

If you’re satisfied, depending on the rent, you can proceed to pay the initial rent directly to the landlord, ensuring they are the owner or authorized representative. It’s important to thoroughly read the tenancy agreement before signing and making any payments.

Additional tips…
In addition to internet speed, security, and proximity to amenities, consider some other factors when choosing a house to rent. Many believe it’s beneficial to find a place where the landlord or property manager doesn’t reside on the premises. Generally, fewer units in the building often mean a more peaceful environment. Lastly, some humorously suggest that the gender of the landlord can matter too. The rest of the key points depend on your rent budget.

Don’t be a stranger, best of luck in finding a comfortable place to stay in Kampala!

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