Rickman Manrick Releases New EP, Lala Love

Rickman Manrick Releases New EP, Lala Love

Ugandan singer-songwriter Rickman Manrick has dropped his latest EP titled “Lala Love.” The EP consists of six enchanting love songs that highlight Rickman’s expressive voice and relatable lyrics

The EP kicks off with “Kyatule,” an easygoing romantic track where a deeply smitten man proposes to the woman of his dreams, hoping for a “Yes.” It was produced by Artin.

Next up is “Cinderella,” an energetic song featuring Ugandan singer An-Known. The song narrates the pursuit of a woman the man believes is out of his league. Produced by Spot Killa at Spot Music, “Cinderella” served as the lead single.

The other tracks on the EP include:

Baako Kyokola featuring Kim C: This song emphasizes the potency of love in overcoming obstacles. Kim C’s captivating performance elevates the song. “Baako Kyokola” was expertly produced by Artin and DON.


Only One featuring Joshua Baraka, Joseph Sax, and Rickman Manrick: A soulful tribute to a special someone, with Joshua Baraka taking the lead and pouring his heart out in his vocals. Joseph Sax adds his own unique touch with soulful saxophone melodies, while Rickman Manrick showcases his rap skills. Produced by BIT.


Sekkle Down featuring Likkle Bangi: This song revolves around a woman seeking her husband’s time to resolve issues in their marriage. “Sekkle down” was produced by Artin. Watch it here;


Rukundo featuring T Paul 256: Sung in the Runyankole language, both artists express promises and affectionate words to the woman they love. It was produced by Jkay Alpha Kakoba Boy. Watch it here;

The official lyrics videos of Rickman Manrick’s Lala Love EP were created Nymy Media, a graphic design agency and a parent organisation of this site.

Lala Love is an impressive EP that will undoubtedly delight Rickman Manrick’s fans. The songs boast excellent songwriting, polished production, and showcase Manrick’s smooth vocals. For those in search of fresh love songs to enrich their playlists, Lala Love is an excellent choice.

You can listen to Lala Love on all major streaming platforms;

Strream here; Lala Love EP

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