A Ugandan Student’s Hustle: Balancing Work and School


The primary desire of most youths aged 19 to 24 who are still in school is to have money. To match their peers’ lifestyles, many pursue jobs while continuing their studies. This sentiment resonates with Julius Waswa, a recent graduate from Isbat University. In an interview with Nymy Net, he explained that he chose to work while studying because he did not want to beg, face scarcity, or depend on anyone else.

“I decided to get a job because I never wanted to beg, be in need, or rely so heavily on other people,” Declared Julius Waswa.
For this reason, Waswa considered it a dream come true to land his first position as a sound engineer at an audiophile Concepts company. Audiophile is a three-in-one events firm that handles accommodations, tours, and travel in addition to sound engineering.

During our first year on campus, we would study from Monday to Friday, but as the number of school days and hours decreased, I was inspired to keep up my hard work. As soon as classes concluded in the afternoon, I would make sure to be at work.
Of course, difficulties are inevitable in any employment, and Waswa faced several of them, including fatigue, trouble keeping track of time, and difficulties with transportation getting to and from work. “I was always exhausted since I had to go to work after school sometimes, which left me tired all the time. On occasion, I would arrive at school late and vice versa. He stated.

Waswa also mentioned that to deal with exhaustion, he would utilize the week and take it easy over the weekend. “I had a schedule that I followed, and thankfully the university posted assignments on our portals so that we could access them at any time. When work and school conflicted, I managed to avoid them. To make up for missing classes, I would use my university account.

“I am grateful I never got any retakes,” he said, emphasizing that he would utilize an hour or two of his free time to log into his school account on his phone and complete work whenever he was at work.

According to him, achieving your goals in life will depend on what you desire. “If you know what you want, you will go for it; else, you cannot do anything,” Waswa noted.
He advised his fellow young people to work while they study, but he also said that doing so requires a great deal of sacrifice and extra effort. “In my opinion, it is better to put in a lot of effort because, depending on the course of study, it can take anywhere from two to four years.” he pointed out

Rather than telling yourself that you will work after school, he says it is best to balance the two and sit down after both the money and the degree. In this way, you will bring personal development very quickly. “Otherwise, you may graduate from college, but you won’t have a job, which makes it difficult for you to meet your basic needs,” he said

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10 thoughts on “A Ugandan Student’s Hustle: Balancing Work and School”

  1. Life of a Ugandan student is really the hardest thing to balance. It’s like sailing on a boat with a hole in it where by you hv to fix de hole at de same time drive

  2. Am glad that the story has finally come out to be an eye opener to the young generation that is coming up. Than waiting for school to end it’s better to get a side hustle that can push you to better heights. Congrats to Mr. Julius for having balanced and pushed himself to work hard till the final day of graduation. It’s an inspirational story and indeed an eye opener to us the young generation.

    1. Okay brother 👏 it was a hard time for me but atleast I thank God I managed to finish school well and continued with work

  3. I urge all youths to be hardworking and I know you can do both studying while working because I managed to do both but you have to put in some more extra effort and with God all things are Possible. #Mr.julius

  4. Am so inspired by your effort bro.
    Keep up the spirit so for the young generation to learn from.

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