How to Use Emojis and Extra Keyboard Symbols on PC

Are you looking to add some fun and personality to your text on your PC? Incorporating emojis and extra keyboard symbols can bring your messages to life! Whether you’re expressing emotions, adding emphasis, or simply having fun with your text, here are some simple methods to use emojis and special symbols on your PC.


For Windows 10 & 11:

  1. Emoji Panel (Windows Key + . or ;):
  • Press the Windows key and either the period (.) or semicolon (;) key.

  • A panel will appear with a wide variety of emojis, symbols, and even GIFs.

  • Browse by category or search for specific emojis.


  1. Touch Keyboard (Optional):
  • If you have a touchscreen laptop or have enabled the touch keyboard option, access it from the taskbar.

  • The touch keyboard often includes an emoji button for easy access to various emojis.


For Earlier Versions of Windows:

  1. Character Map:
  • Search for “Character Map” in the Start Menu.

  • Browse through symbols or search for specific ones.

  • Click on the desired symbol and then “Copy” to paste it into your text.


Universal Methods:

  1. Copy and Paste from Emojipedia:
  • Websites like Emojipedia offer a vast collection of emojis that you can copy and paste into your text application.


  1. Third-Party Keyboard Applications:
  • Several third-party keyboard applications offer a wider range of emojis and customization options.


  1. Using Alt Codes (Limited):
  • Hold the Alt key and type a specific code number on the numeric keypad to insert certain symbols. However, this method is less user-friendly and requires memorizing the codes.


It’s generally recommended to use the Emoji Panel or Touch Keyboard for a quick and user-friendly experience. Experiment with different methods to find what works best for you and have fun adding emojis and symbols to your text!

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